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iPhone Application Development for Tracking

iPhone is not just utilized for amusement however it is also indicated for some service if used correctly. This iPhone application development is for those who wish to track sales and compensation without spending much time with calculators. It permits you to track the sales. It lets you get in sales details for products sold and amounts to the amount for you. It also computes the commission based upon the overall sale and commission rate.

Sales and Commission Lite on iPhone

I’ve frequently wondered while running past the 1k or 2k or, more likely, the 8k mark, exactly how precise the program markings are. Well with Run Keeper, I’ll never ever wonder once again. When you concern to avoid on your run, you merely terminate up Run Keeper and hit the “Start” button. From that point on, thinking you’ve got a good sufficient GPS signal, Run Keeper will track your keep up armed forces precision. It’s so accurate you’ll be surprised how precise the map that gets’s generated is when you’ve completed your run. read more

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