Most of your aircon is designed to serve you for just over a decade. But only you take good care of it. In most cases, what we do or do not determine how long our aircon unit needs to be replaced. And the good thing is that the mistakes we make in air-conditioning maintenance are easy to avoid. So, what can I do to damage the air conditioner and shorten the service life?

Overuse of air conditioners

Are you using your aircon  all day? In the whole house, there is no nerd temperature regulation even in an unoccupied room? When the air conditioning system runs for a long time, it will bring the burden to the moving parts. The motor will continue to deteriorate over time and may burn out.

Air conditioning units are switched on only when necessary and are only used in rooms where temperature control is required. When other ways to adjust the temperature of the room are available instead of using them. They can be ceiling fans to cool your room, or remove the blinds from the windows and keep them in the cool air. Turn off the air conditioner when you go out. This not only helps to extend its useful life, but also reduces your electricity bill and click here

Not Servicing Aircon Regularly

Over time, dust and other debris (such as leaves) build up inside the air conditioning unit. This is inevitable. Dirt over-burdens the aircon system, especially when the air filter accumulates in the air filter as more power is required to force air flow through the dirt. You will find that the air conditioner starts to run longer, in order to maintain the same temperature. Extra pressure quickly deteriorates your air conditioner and soon you may find yourself needing repair or replacement.

It is very wise to clean the aircon often. Not only filters, but also other parts. Catheters are also clogged with dirt and need to be cleaned regularly. If you can not do it yourself, you can call our best aircon servicing starff to help you can clean or servicing your aircon.

Bad Aircon Location

The location of the air conditioner largely determines the time it is in good condition. If your airconunit  is in direct sunlight, it may shorten its useful life. As if it were positioned in the debris and dust can go directly into its interior, such as near the trees. If your air conditioning unit is also clogged somewhere with air, just as it is next to furniture, this may affect your aircon lifespan.

Make sure your air conditioning unit is installed in a spacious area and protected from direct sunlight. Make sure this is a place without too much dirt. Places to avoid may be under roofs and trees. If you are unsure of the installation location during installation, consult your aircon installation technician. When positioning an exchange, they may know what to do and what to do.

Do not serve your cool air

The status of a neglected air conditioner has been deteriorating until it reaches a bankruptcy. At this moment, it becomes irreparable. So the only solution is to change the whole unit, which can be expensive. This is why you need professional aircon servicing expert.

It does not matter if there is a problem with your aircon unit; the regular aircon service helps find and correct the problem before it becomes obvious and destructive. During maintenance, the technician will help clean the equipment and identify the parts that need to be replaced. Regular unit servicing helps maintain its efficiency.

There is no programmable thermostat

The programmable thermostat on the aircon r shuts it off when you’re away. It helps when you go out and unknowingly leave the unit. The thermostat helps to prevent excessive self-filtration of the air, thus affecting its useful life.With it, the AC will only operate when necessary, so it has time to place moving parts between on and off. The result is increased lifetime of the entire aircon unit.

Why should often air conditioning repair?

Air conditioning servicing can bring you a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • Helps to maintain your aircon unit’s efficiency

Duringaircon servicing or maintenance, the removed parts as well as dust and other debris are removed. Once the dust is cleared, the air conditioning unit starts working best and takes a short time to change your room temperature to a comfortable level.


  • It saves on expensive maintenance costs

Damaged parts are detected and replaced early. This saves you the cost from buying the new part or new aircon unit.

  • Lower operating costs

Because your air conditioning unit is more efficient, it consumes less power than otherwise, without maintenance. The monthly electricity bill for running the AC subsequently decreased. In the long run, regular service will help save you cash.

  • Your Aircon Serving You Longer Time


Maintenance helps keep your air conditioner unit in good condition, efficient and with almost no problems. Its lifespan extends to the time the manufacturing company initially wants to last.

Your air conditioning life depends mainly on you. Ignore it and have to change it as soon as possible, or take care of it, make it long service your airconin good condition. Avoid damaging the device. If installing a new aircon, find a great place free from weather and dirt elements.

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