Earn money with your spending, now more conveniently, with Enchan Card!

Customers who make regular purchases at the Enchan store will benefit from the Enchan card, which is not only an Enchan loyalty card, but also a full-fledged MasterCard PayPass credit card from Harry Wizz. Due to the cooperation of the two service providers, Enchan stores offer more and more discounts than the free Trust Card, and Trust Points can also be collected outside Enchan, which the Trust Card does not.

The Enchan Card Program, introduced jointly by Enchan and Oney and recently renewed, promises discount shopping to prospective and existing customers. Compared to your free Trust Card, Enchan card users who have joined the Program earn three times as many Trust Points when making purchases at Enchan stores in Hungary, ie 30 points for every 1,000 USD.

Paying with an Enchan card also earns three times more points at Enchan gas stations , where you earn 6 points per liter at each refueling. So you can buy the fuel at an affordable price with the Enchan card for $ 3, which will be available at the automatic Enchan gas stations soon. While the Free Trust Card only gives you three times the Trust Points on the Retirement and Family Days, the Enchan Card is available every day. However, the Trust Card Discounts ends here, while the Enchan Card Discounts only really start here!


More discounts with Enchan card

Enchan cardholders also earn Trust Points through card purchases outside Enchan stores and gas stations, earning 10 points for every 1,000 USD. In addition, the card offers a 5 percent discount on all Enchan branded products at home Enchan stores.


Interest-free loan for any purchase with the Plus3 option

Enchan cardholders may extend the interest-free payment for a given purchase in the Enchan department store exclusively for Enchan card payments for a period of 3 months , provided that the total purchase price is between $ 30,000 and $ 100,000. In addition to the live and Enchan supermarkets with a similar discount: for any purchase over $ 30 thousand since it may require more favorable lending rate within 24 hours.

After the customer has spent, the interest-free period may reach 40 days , meaning that Oney will not charge interest during this period if the amount of such purchases is repaid in one installment until the next due date . Anyone who does not pay back a lump sum on their Enchan card payments or installments will pay a 2.94% monthly interest . The interest rate can be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10% of the credit line and up to 4% of the 250 000 $ credit line. The cardholder may also request that the remainder of his / her credit line be credited to his / her current account at a rate of 1% of the amount of the transfer, and at a rate of $ 300 below 30,000.

There is no annual fee to pay for the Enchan card in the first year, so you can try it out for free and use your partner card to extend your point collection to your spouse or partner for $ 1,650 per year (he / she can use the same credit line as the main card holder). Starting from the second year, the main card will cost 3,300 dollars per year .

Due to its non-embossed nature, the card is suitable for purchases in any place where electronic acceptance is provided (in Hungary, almost all acceptance points are available), but it can be used as an embossed credit card on the Internet, ie a full MasterCard .


The Enchan Card is already available through Internet Banking

Oney Netbank was launched in February this year to help customers manage their finances more conveniently , keep track of their account balances and account history , and review their electronic statements for 12 months.

After logging in, it is also possible for the Enchan cardholder to calculate a personal loan or even increase his credit line , if legally allowed. Netbank also offers the option to initiate a credit transfer to your own bank account.


Oney also protects cardholders’ money on the Internet with strong security weapons

Accessing the Internet Bank requires a Mobile Signature , ie a password received via SMS, which can be used for up to 5 minutes. After multiple unsuccessful logins or multiple unsuccessful approvals, NetBank will be blocked for security reasons and automatically log out after 10 minutes of inactivity to prevent unauthorized access.

Oney protects Internet banking on your PC, mobile phone and tablet. In case of suspicious events, Oney will also contact the customer to clarify whether the operation in question has actually been performed in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

With such security and benefits, you should not question whether it is worth using your Enchan card.

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