If you are looking for a small payday loan, choose the cheaper one

We may need a payday loan at any time. For example, if we have to pay something and we do not have the amount we need. If you are not able to ask for help from relatives or friends, you may want to look through the banks payday loan offers. Of course, you have to think carefully about which loan to take, as you can save a significant amount with a careful decision. With our compilation we help you make the choice.

At any time, there may be a situation where we need quick financial assistance. In some cases, not everyone can ask for money from relatives and friends, so a payday loan can be the solution to a temporary financial mess. Many people find it easiest to go to the usual bank or the nearest branch and inquire. These clients will also accept the loan that the clerk is offering them, but they will almost certainly not find the best option for them.


Know all the fees and conditions

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Anyone who wants to make a prudent and informed decision should know all the fees and conditions, including the much-mentioned small print, to choose from a wide range of banking offers. This is, of course, a huge amount of information, which is why we recommend using a comparative calculator . At BankFation, we work to prevent customers seeking a loan from scrolling through dozens of bank announcements, as we do it for them and fix their fees, interest rates and terms. This is how we help our visitors choose the most optimal offer.

In our set-up we analyze 500,000 usd payday loans, from which we can even modernize the heating system or replace the doors and windows. This time we chose a 36-month maturity, so the monthly repayment on loans is usually only 16-18 thousand USD. We can see in the calculator that the difference between the two loans can be as much as $ 100,000 in the total amount to be repaid.

The interest rate is fixed for all payday loans in our portfolio, so the bank cannot change it until the end of the term. Thus, the installment will also be fixed throughout. This is very good because you do not have to worry about having to pay higher amounts.


How can we apply for a payday loan?

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Many people ask in the comments about how to apply for a payday loan. All you have to do is open a payday loan calculator, then specify how much you want to borrow and how long the maturity is.

By clicking on the “Search” button, the calculator will, after a short period of time, issue all payday loan offers that match your settings. From there you can select the most favorable loan according to your own criteria and click on the “Details” button (mobile view the “Next” button). This will take you to the bank’s website, where you will be asked for your name and phone number, which they will be able to access from the bank.

You will then be contacted within one or two days by a bank representative at the phone number provided, and the application process will begin. If you are interested in meeting the bank’s requirements, you will most likely get a payday loan. An important condition, for example, is that you have regular income. Banks generally only accept wages as income. Thus, the income condition of a payday loan cannot be fulfilled from the Gyed and similar non-salary income. It is important to note (a recurring question) that the claimant cannot be on the KHR list (formerly known as the BAR list).

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